V&V 2.1?

I have been toying with switching from BRP to something else, and V&V 2.1 may be just what I need.

Each system (BRP and V&V 2.1) has pros and cons for my Covenant of Justice source book.

- SAN system
- skills system & associated experience method

- the disparate Power systems don't fit neatly together at all, and each is incomplete and lacking internal balance (irrespective of intra-system balance)
- can require some serious consideration about what add-on options to use
- doesn't really evoke a 'silver age' feel

V&V 2.1
- very heroic/silver age sensibility
- very open-ended with regard to how powers can be adapted

- currently no skill system of note
- no obvious analogue to a sanity-checking system

If I can settle on a decision, then maybe, just maybe it will give me impetus to go forwards. Time will tell.


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