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Mr Glory

Mr Glory is intended to be a signature 'background' character for the Covenant of Justice setting.

This art was commissioned last year for the eventual proposed source book. Just thought I'd share.

Mr Glory has 70 years of hero experience behind him. His life and experiences have formed into a small 'c' conservative views in political terms, and the guy has big pull in Washington. Which inevitably means that this man has shaped not only the position of the Covenant of Justice, but likely its future direction. In suprahero terms, he is numero uno in most people's eyes.

Mr Glory character and images are © Leon Mallett, 2010

V&V 2.1?

I have been toying with switching from BRP to something else, and V&V 2.1 may be just what I need.

Each system (BRP and V&V 2.1) has pros and cons for my Covenant of Justice source book.

- SAN system
- skills system & associated experience method

- the disparate Power systems don't fit neatly together at all, and each is incomplete and lacking internal balance (irrespective of intra-system balance)
- can require some serious consideration about what add-on options to use
- doesn't really evoke a 'silver age' feel

V&V 2.1
- very heroic/silver age sensibility
- very open-ended with regard to how powers can be adapted

- currently no skill system of note
- no obvious analogue to a sanity-checking system

If I can settle on a decision, then maybe, just maybe it will give me impetus to go forwards. Time will tell.

Little Update

I recently finished the background writing for the Denizens chapter. That was pleasing. On the downside, I am really in two minds as to how satisfied I am that the system I am looking at fits with the kind of gaming I want to reflect. So it is something I have been musing on a lot. Hence more procrastination.

I think what I need to to do is focus on making sure all the non-rules portions of the book are finished, and then look at what options are available, after I eventually get the play test campaign gaming back underway.