Writing Again, At Last

I have recommenced work on the 'Covenant of Justice' monograph in the past couple of days, working on a couple of new entries for the chapter provisionally called 'Denizens of Dark Places' (subject to change, of course, maybe).

One of the ideas (which I will say little about, other than their names - Chthonic Worms) is inspired by a news story from several weeks ago, and so ultimately is not comics related. I enjoy when an inspiration can come from something other than an obvious source. The other entry is an idea that I have managed to wrestle into a more pleasing form - Flesh Robots.

The monograph will very much have a very 'horror' meets silver age sensibilities feel (I hope), as heroes face threats from the darkest places. And this feel is going to be reflected in the types of nameless adversaries that are featured (i.e. not individual, specific characters). There will be recognisable supra-villains as well of course.

One of the things that has held back development is that after a serious personal event several months ago, my motivation was diminished. In turn ideas have still percolated, but have not hung together. However in the past couple of weeks those disparate ideas have become adjusted and aligned and connections made with the larger realm of ideas behind the monograph, which has meant I can get back to writing. At last.


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